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Mission statement
Disseminate and discuss carefully researched tidbits of useful knowledge, with a general focus on self-improvement.

About the author
Jan Wassenberg is the kind of guy who is happiest when making or building something. Given his background in informatics, that mostly manifests itself in writing software, but there is also a strong affinity to cooking.

Faced with the inevitable choice between quality, scope, cost and time, he will generally strive to uphold quality. There are obvious constraints on cost and time, and so scope is modified accordingly.

Efficiency is one facet of software quality that appeals to his innate desire to maximize things. In general, the optimization loop – find, understand and remove bottlenecks – can be applied to almost anything.

Guided by the above principles, this blog will provide information for purposes of understanding and improving nutrition, health/well-being, and motivation. Welcome aboard!

Contact: first.lastname@gmail.com

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